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Reviews usually take around 2 weeks to complete. If a refund is found we first contact you to tell you the good news, file the adjustment on your behalf and then wait for the CRA to approve the refund.


Some refunds can be approved right away, majority are approved within a 2-6 week period, while others, due to their complexity, may take several months. We handle all correspondence with the CRA on your behalf. Once the refund is approved, CRA pays you the full refund via cheque or direct deposit and then you pay us our 25% service fee.

We are dedicated to providing you with a risk- free refund review process

✔️ Our team at Canadian Tax Refunds consists of highly trained professionals that strictly operate under all Canadian tax regulations and guidelines.

✔️ No Inital paperwork, or previous tax documentation required.

✔️ No Upfront Cost. Once your receive your refund from the CRA, then you pay us the 25% fee.

✔️ We correspond with CRA when needed, and submit any required paperwork on your behalf.

✔️ A top priority of ours is to ensure our clients experience unparalleled customer service.

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How long is the review process?

Generally, our tax reviews take around 2 weeks to complete, sometimes longer depending on the client’s tax returns. Once a refund is found, we then wait for CRA approval. Some refunds can get approved right away, and others can take several months.The average wait for CRA approval for the refund is between 2-6 weeks.

Is it true that the review has no upfront cost?

Yes. We will conduct our in-depth 10 year tax reviews with no upfront costs. We only get paid if you receive refunds from CRA. If you dont receive a refund, your review is absolutely free.

Who is eligible to apply for this tax recovery review?

All Canadian taxpayers living in Canada who are over 18 years old, can apply for the review.

How do I start the review ?

You can get started in 3 simple steps:
=>Complete the Refund Review Form.
=>Read our privacy policy and verify your insurance number.
=>Review and sign our service agreement and the authorization form.

How much of a refund could I expect?

Each person’s tax situation is different and as such, each review is different. If we are able to find you unclaimed benefits, refunds can vary from hundreds to many thousands of dollars.