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What is Tax Recovery?

Generally, tax recovery is the process of recovering a person’s individual taxes or a business’s taxes for refund purposes. There are many occasions where Canadian taxpayers (whether being part of a business or on their personal tax returns) can find errors in their taxes. These errors have caused overpayment in taxes and in turn the person or business was overtaxed on their income and they have ended up losing out on money that should have been received when tax refunds were issued. There are many areas of tax recovery that can be used to help understand the Canadian Tax System. Some deal with only certain aspects of tax recovery like tax audits, or disability tax. Other types of tax recovery deal with all the different parts of tax recovery.

What is Family Tax Recovery

Family tax recovery can be defined as a type of tax recovery that helps parents, with children, or grandchildren, or grandparents and other family relatives to collect back on taxes that were overpaid on their past tax returns. This can be a result of overlooking specific tax benefits, simply not knowing what benefit to claim, or how to claim the benefit, or if they are eligible for the tax credit. It could also simply be the cause of not claiming the right deductions, or making costly errors. Getting help with types of family tax recovery can help make a huge difference in a parent’s ,their child’s life, grandparent or relatives lives.

family tax recovery

Tax recovery that deals with family tax , like other types of tax recovery, is the process of searching through tax returns to see if all tax benefits and credits from the CRA were applied or claimed correctly on a family’s individual personal tax returns. Family tax recovery benefits can include credits that can be claimed by single parents, or couples that are separated, relatives, child tax, disability tax, caregiver benefit, and much much more. Tax Recovery, whether it be related to family tax recovery, or other forms of tax recovery can help an individual taxpayer review his past tax returns and see if there are any lost tax refunds that were not claimed that should have been.

Many people will sometimes get multiple tax refunds after reviewing their past tax returns. This all depends on the type of each individual’s personal tax situation, errors that were made, deductions that were missed, tax credits, or benefits that were overlooked etc.

Like any other form of tax recovery in Canada, in order to be eligible you must be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen.
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