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After you sign up, and we are granted access to your files by the CRA,we start the search for refund opportunities. Generally,reviews take between 2-4 weeks to complete.

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Once we find you a refund, we file the adjustment,and wait for the CRA to approve it. Once approved,CRA sends you the full refund amount. You only pay us after you get paid by the CRA.



Refund amounts vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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Company overview

Canadian Tax Refunds was founded on the principle of assisting Canadians get back their hard-earned money. Having many years of experience in accounting and filing Canadian personal tax returns, we are aware of the millions of dollars lost to the CRA each year. Generally, most accounting firms who have filed your taxes in the past, only look at the current year and the previous year to try and file your taxes correctly. At Canadian Tax Refunds, we take a much deeper look.

Our goal is to make sure our clients claim money that is rightfully theirs. Due to the complexity of the Canadian Tax System, it is very common for people to lose out on valuable benefits and credits, make costly errors and sometimes simply not knowing what kind of tax breaks they are entitled to.

The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to go back 10 years to adjust your taxes. We do just that. By using our expertise and the most advanced software, we accurately check each tax year for the last 10 years, enabling our highly-skilled tax recovery experts to pinpoint refunds for our clients.